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From the Desk

A message from MDA's Executive Director...

What an amazing event this year’s MDA Run for Strength was on Sunday! I would have to say it was our most enjoyable fun run held to date with a crowd of more than 1,000 people and so far we have raised close to $30,000. The weather was perfect with bright sunny skies and the crowd was in fantastic form with an abundance of happy smiling faces and laughs shared.

There were hundreds of superheroes zooming along the track and it was great to see so many of our MD community taking part. You can check out some of the event photos on our Facebook page here... [CONTINUES]

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(17 February 2015)

Media Release

National charity wins Compassionate Employer Award

Tomorrow, Friday 13 March, Muscular Dystrophy Australia (MDA) will be receiving the ‘2015 Compassionate Employer Recognition Award’ at Parliament House, Melbourne, presented by Compassionate Friends Victoria Inc. to acknowledge its exceptional care provided to employees in difficult personal times.

The award aims to demonstrate best workplace practices in dealing with bereavement, to encourage the adoption of these practices in other workplaces and educate business and community about the impacts of the death of a loved one.

This award specifically pertains to the compassion shown to MDA’s Client Services Manager, Maria Kouppas, around the time of her mother’s passing in 2013...[CONTINUES]

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(12 March 2015)

Big Boys Toys car show raised not only funding but also awareness

Last Sunday, 8 March, saw revheads and car-enthusiasts flock from all around Victoria to Essendon Fields to take part in the inaugural Big Boys Toys Car Show with proceeds going towards Muscular Dystrophy programs, services and research.

The event was a huge success raising over $40,000, with more than 1,000 people in attendance and in excess of 200 cars on show. The day saw crowds of all ages lapping up the sun and taking in the amazing array of vintage, modern and custom cars on display. The grounds were abuzz with motoring aficionados talking shop and swapping stories... [CONTINUES]

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(11 March 2015)

MDA will miss the beloved German Shepherd dog, Iva

MDA has been saddened by the loss of the beloved German Shepherd dog, Iva, who brought so much joy to our office. He passed away last night at the young age of six and was the loyal pet of MDA’s Executive Director’s son Leon Struk. Iva brought much happiness to the Future for Young Adults Program when he visited and was always thought of as the unofficial mascot for MDA.

Our thoughts are with the entire Struk family.

Hume Leader newspaper: Passion for cause revs up for show

Muscular Dystrophy Australia founder Boris Struk, from Greenvale, in his 1970 Corvette that will be one of the cars featured at the Big Boys’ Toys Car Show this weekend.

But his drive to raise money for muscular dystrophy research in honour of his son, Ryan, 35, hasn’t stopped, with the gears now in motion for a charity car show.

The Greenvale man founded Muscular Dystrophy Australia more than 30 years ago after Ryan was diagnosed, with about $43 million raised since. He hopes the community will support this weekend’s Big Boys’ Toys Car Show... [CONTINUES]

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(03 March 2015)

Sunday Herald Sun (page 2): Fathers put feet first to fight disease

SUPERHEROES invaded Blackburn yesterday. But instead of soaring through the skies, a group of 112 “superdads” pounded the pavement in their battle against a different kind of kryptonite.

Brett Bugeja’s friends, colleagues and teammates united to support his son Ben (together, above left), 13, who has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

They walked about 18km but it could have been a quick trip around the world as the dads were served beer and food from different countries at seven stops along the way... [CONTINUES]

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(02 March 2015)

Thank you to all those who took part in Super Dads Walk 4

What a spectacular day Saturday was, 28 Feb, with 112 dads walking through the streets of Blackburn to support Muscular Dystrophy Australia. The day was a huge success and a lot of laughs were had by all. Thank you to Brett and Katrina Bugeja for organising the fourth annual ‘Super Dads Walk’. The Bugejas joined the MDA family many years ago when they took part in the very first ChallengeMD Vietnam 2006 pedalling from the north to the south... [CONTINUES]

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(02 March 2015)


Thank you: Freestones give their time freely to support MDA

It is a wonderful thing to have people join the Muscular Dystrophy journey along with MDA in providing continued support time and time again. This is very true for two dedicated supporters, Paul and Christine Freestone of Freestones Transport.

The married couple began supporting MDA over six years ago when they donned their hiking boots and trekked Nepal along with a group of other like-minded people in the ChallengeMD! 2009 Nepal event.

Since then the pair have contributed to the cause in numerous ways and most recently Paul, a keen motoring enthusiast, has branded his competing car for the upcoming Clipsal 500 Adelaide with the MDA logo... [CONTINUES]

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(27 February 2015)

Media Release

MDA sceptical over proposed changes: Disability Support Pension

“While I do believe there is definitely a need to ensure people receiving government welfare payments are truly eligible, I am nervous about the proposed simplification of the process. To me it doesn’t evoke a sense of reassurance that people with a disability will be treated as individuals, rather they may just be lumped into black and white categories with no room for grey area specific for their situation,” said Muscular Dystrophy Australia’s Executive Director, Boris M Struk.

A report by former Mission Australia chief Patrick McClure to be released today, recommends condensing 20 support payments to just five, and slashing the 55 supplements to just a handful to make the system simpler to administer.

“I am sceptical in that I hope this is not just a money saving venture designed to make reductions in the welfare, specifically disability, sector and I hope the money saved from the dubious claimants will be redistributed to benefit those who truly deserve the assistance,” said Mr Struk...[CONTINUES]

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(25 February 2015)

Research News

Clinical trial of new steroid drug VBP15 for DMD starts

ReveraGen BioPharma has announced the start of a Phase 1 clinical trial of a new steroidal drug, VBP15, for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). It is hoped that VBP15 will have at least the same benefits as the currently used corticosteroids, but fewer side effects. The trial, being conducted in the USA, will involve only healthy volunteers. This is standard practice for phase 1 trials and will give the first information about the safety of the drug in humans. If all goes well in the phase 1 trial, a phase 2 trial in boys with Duchenne MD should start later this year.

(25 February 2015)

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