Mackay Golf Club played host to the Skilled Muscular Dystrophy Golf Day.

Paddy Pope, chief instigator and organiser, with the magnificent support of many friends and colleagues, ensured that the Skilled Golf Day was a real hit with players.

The course was in wonderful condition and the weather whet the thirst buds sufficiently to ensure the drink cart, manned by Danny and Heather, was in great demand.

Unfortunately, two members of the local “constabulary” set up a speed trap on the course and many golfers were found guilty of exceeding the posted speed limit, resulting in some significant “fines”. One driver was booked for recording 176 kph!!!

The successful event was concluded with drinks, nibbles and the presentation of prizes.

The MDA appreciates the support of Skilled in furthering the support base for MD.



The Skilled Marquee


Discussing a winning strategy?

Danny & Heather

Danny & Heather in that much sought after Dinks Cart.

Drinks Cart

Enjoying a break prior to the 19th

Speed Trap

The infamous “speed trap”


Paddy Pope and Boris M Struk arrested for impersonating a golfer

Drink Driving

Having a “shot” before a shot.


“You reckon you got WHAT on the last hole!!”




Presentation drinks and nibbles