Field Photographer Program


Nikon has been a great supporter of the MDA for a number of years. In fact the relationship goes back to the Melbourne’s Delights photographic exhibition and more recently, the soon to be launched, My Diverse Australia exhibition.

When we received an invitation from Nikon to participate in their Field Photographer Program naturally we were very excited by the opportunity to cover the 2010 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers on the hallowed turf of the MCG on 17th June 2009.

Three budding photographers were invited from the MD Community to participate. Nargis Thakur, Maddison Romeo and George Heard, accompanied by their parents Anil, Geoff and Margaret and MDA ED Boris M Struk descended on the MCG with great anticipation.

Representatives from Nikon briefed the participants, issued them with fabulous Nikon D60 digital cameras, accreditation and photographer vests. The one surprise Nikon had in store was issuing the parents with a camera as well, because up till this point they were under the impression that this was only “for the kids”. Once fully armed, we were then taken in the media pool room to see the significant number of international and Australian photographers preparing for the coming event.

Walking up the players’ race into the MCG arena was absolutely fantastic and excitement peaked once we hit the green turf to the roar of what was to become a 70,000 crowd.

The Field Photographer Program placed us right on the field, to witness and photograph the crowd from a player’s perspective – amazing! Shooting players warming up, each other and the crowd from a 360 degree walk around the playing field offered many unique opportunities. We were also escorted by a film crew who captured our efforts and interviewed us.

MDA appreciates the support received in the past and for involving members of the MD Community to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime event.

“Thank You” Nikon.



Small Group





A selection of photos taken by the participants will be posted shortly.