Launch of MDA Awareness Campaign

Champion boxers Kostya Tszyu, Barry Michael, Sam Soliman & Paul Briggs – have united in the Let’s FightMD campaign.

Launched on Sunday 16th August at Sam Soliman’s “Return of the King” bout “Box on the Docks 6”, the Let’s FightMD campaign has set the stage for MDA’s national awareness campaign aimed at print and TV media.

The event provided the ideal backdrop for the launch, with over 1,200 people seated at tables featuring the Let’s FightMD campaign posters. This was a spectacular event at the best boxing venue in Australia, befitting the seriousness of what was at stake in advancing the MD cause.

After several exciting fights and before Sam Soliman’s main event Heavyweight MDA Executive Director Boris M Struk and Junior Lightweight Barry Michael featured In the ring. They were not opponents – they teamed up to present information on Muscular Dystrophy and launch the Let’s FightMD campaign. With the generous support of Kostya, Barry, Sam and Paul, the campaign impacted on the crowd, with fantastic feedback on the video shown.

“The hardest task was not convincing these champions to support MD -that was done in a blink of an eye. The hardest was getting all four together for the photo shoot,” said Boris. “I am very appreciative of the effort made and the support provided by a terrific mix of people who made the campaign possible.”  He went on to say that without the support of the Champions, Sun Studios, photographer and son Leon M Struk and Elise and her team at Response in putting it all together, we would not be in the ring today fighting for MD.”

MDA appreciates the support of Brian Amatruda, promoter of the event who facilitated our participation on the night.

The campaign shall appear in magazine, print media and a shorter version of the video launched at the event will be shown on TV.

Visit The Home of MDA to see the video and interviews with the Champions.

The Team

Barry Michael Sam Soliman & Boris M Struk Barry Michael & Boris M Struk The Group

l-r Boris M Struk, Leon M Struk, Viv Brumby (publisher Heavy Duty magazine), Santo Cilauro – Working Dog TV productions and Aiden.

Box on Dox