DPM – Supporters of National Superhero Day

“It’s every superhero’s responsibility to fight for those who can’t. Come to the rescue by joining forces with us to help fight Muscular Dystrophy!”

DPM Financial Services has partnered with the MDA to help raise funds to support MDA’s programs and services and for research to find a cure. Inspired by MDA’s National Superhero Week, DPM are raising money to support MDA’s efforts and increase awareness around the 60 variations of this devastating disorder.

We work closely with medical professionals and medical students on a daily basis. Educating and raising awareness about Muscular Dystrophy with this group will hopefully lead to better care for patients. So please save the day and spread the word by sharing this page with your fellow colleagues!

A goal has been set for this donation page. If it is reached, the money raised will fund the purchase of a hoist required for the MDA’s respite property in Philip Island. The cost for this, including installation, is $5,000.


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