Society tends to use the word pioneer or legend pretty loosely, but for the case of Professor Eric Hoffman, world renowned human geneticist, these titles are a true understatement.

While Australian MD families struggle to with the life sentence that muscular dystrophy delivers on a daily basis, US-based Professor Hoffman has dedicated more than 20 years of his career to finding a cure for muscular dystrophy – pure and simple.

That was the clear message in his presentation at Information MD! on November 17th.  Professor Hoffman was inspirational in his delivery and enthusiastic with hope.

Professor Eric Hoffman, presented and insightful seminar into contemporary research, including the depth and breadth of clinical trials happening all over the world.

The MD world is working in unison and through cost effective and advanced trials, there seems to be true hope for those affected with muscular dystrophy to receive the right treatment.

Prof. Hoffman has been involved in translational human molecular genetics and applications of genomics to health problems since the 1980s.

His presentation, despite its complexity, was delivered with humour and true honesty, giving the listening MD audience a sense of hope.

Information is power, and Prof Hoffman certainly delivered that in spades.  From the trials conducted in Italy to the intriguing tests performed on dogs with MD, he provided the audience with a sample of the ground-breaking work he was been conducting.  There was a sense that Prof Hoffman was on our side and it was very comforting to know that.

Information MD! 2010 brought together researchers, clinical specialists and health-care professionals to share information and expertise in order to improve outcomes for individuals affected with neuromuscular disorders and their families.

The presentations included many different aspects of the disorders and the latest research developments.

According to MDA Executive Director, Boris M. Struk, Information MD! 2010 is an opportunity to listen to the world’s best in neuromuscular disorders and understand the complexities and challenges faced by these professionals who hope to find treatments and a possible cure for these life threatening diseases.

Significant presentations were also delivered by Assoc  Prof Andrew J Kornberg, Director of Neurology RCH, Dr Jason White – Senior Scientist National Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre (NMDRC) and Daniella Villano MDA Neuromuscular Nurse Corodinator RCH.

The two day seminar saw more expert presentations on Physiotherapy, OT, Education and programs & services available to our community.

Prof Hoffman also met with scientists and PhD students from the NMDRC during the course of Information MD! 2010 where knowledge and experiences were exchanged.

The two day seminar was a highlight in MDA’s service delivery program.

Eric Hoffman

Prof Eric Hoffman at InformationMD! 2010


Assoc Prof Andrew J Kornberg


Dr Jason White – Senior Scientist – National Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre

Marie Fleming – MDA Client Services Manager

Daniella Villano – MDA Neuromuscular Nurse Coordinator


Jason White – Research Physiotherapy Equipment Solutions MDA Client services School Support   Emotional Responses