The Christmas spirit brings an incredible gift to Muscular Dystrophy Australia: Major prize winner Rob Pitt donates $30,000 Harley Davidson right back to the Melbourne based charity


Rob Pitt, left with his wife Anne, won the $30,000 Harley Davidson and donated it straight back to MDA

It’s the Festive Season and the time of giving and to say things don’t get much more ‘giving’ than this is an understatement.

Twice a year, Muscular Dystrophy Australia (MDA) runs a Harley Raffle, a fundraising initiative in which people pay $10 per ticket for their chance to win a brand new Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

On Wednesday, the lucky winner was drawn from the barrel and it was long time MDA supporter Rob Pitt, who also runs the hugely popular Hotel Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula. Rob had a brother affected by Muscular Dystrophy (MD), who sadly passed away many years ago. As an ongoing supporter of MDA, the team were excited to see such a worthy winner.

However as soon as Rob was called with the good news, MDA received some incredible news right back; Rob was donating his winnings, the equivalent of a $30,000 donation, back to MDA.

“As happy and excited as I was to win the bike, I just don’t need it, and MDA needs the money a lot more than I ever could,” said Rob.

“Having a brother affected by MD meant that I knew the effects of this disorder and how devastating it can be, so I didn’t have to think twice about contributing my winnings back to an organisation that supports Australian’s living with MD,” Rob concluded.

MDA’s Executive Director Boris M Struk said he could not think of a more deserving winner when he saw the name pulled out of the barrel.

“Rob has been such a strong and long-term supporter of MDA, with donations to our ChallengeMD events and he is always willing to chip in to help us in our fight against MD, so I was thrilled when I saw he was the winner” said Mr Struk.

“We were taken aback by Rob’s incredibly generous, kind and really unheard of gesture, to donate the prize straight back to us and give MDA $30,000 to continue doing what we do is simply amazing and we are so grateful. If you see Rob at Hotel Sorrento, make sure you say a few kind words to such a generous man,” Mr Struk concluded.

The funds raised from the twice a year raffle ensures MDA is able to continue funding research into a cure for Muscular Dystrophy at the National Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre,  as well as support services and programs for those affected by the disorder.