Putting Lycra before Wheelchairs

Yesterday, I learned that in the Greens world there are no disabled people. No small feat considering that 1 in 4 Australians has a form of disability.

I am outraged at the lack of inclusion and total selfishness that the Greens Councillors are displaying. Our community needs more help getting around, not more obstacles!

Only last week, I was voicing my dismay and frustration at the lack of efficiency from NDIS and watching the MD community suffer, including my own son.

There’s more outrage for a multi-million winning tennis star’s cartoon than a community of more than one million with some form of disability in Victoria alone, taxpayers, whom we feel it’s OK to treat like sub-citizens.

“By law, 90 per cent of Melbourne’s tram stops were supposed to be wheelchair accessible by the end of 2017, but only a quarter of the city’s 1700 tram stops meet the target.

Even if we lived in the Greens’ world where there are no disabled people. The sheer hypocrisy of this debacle is outstanding. The Greens boast to want to save the planet, yet they give priority to one person per bike rather than a full tram.

Surely people being able to use public transport is more efficient in protecting the environment than one person per bike? We’ve known for years now that the Greens’ arguments and logic don’t go hand in hand.

The Greens Councillors have their priorities wrong once again.

Yes, I get it. Lycra is sexier than a wheel chair. Or is it really?


Image – courtesy The Age

Greens councillors favour cyclists over accessible tram ‘super stops’ in Melbourne’s North