Australia Post – we deliver. Sometimes…

I read a few months ago that there were more than 1.1 million complaints to Australia Post in 2016-2017 and that figure was actually down by 30% over the last previous two years.  Apparently the drop did not indicate an improvement in customer service. This implies that people probably gave up. Something which I would also like to do since I have bigger fish to fry than complaining… You see, I’m the father of a son with muscular dystrophy and I run a charity, Muscular Dystrophy Australia.

Muscular Dystrophy Australia relies on fundraising. One of our main fundraising activities is our Harley Davidson Raffle – we give two away every year! So it is with some 25 years’ experience that we have in bulk mail via Australia Post. Of recent years, sometimes we get it. Sometimes we don’t.

Our most recent interaction with “customer service” at Australia Post resulted in countless back and forth phone calls, which resulted in us retrieving 325 letters that were sent to us as far back as the 8th of August with donation value exceeding $11,190! This delay is compromising MDA’s ability to deliver Programs, Services and Fund Research.

We have also received numerous phone calls from disgruntled buyers who have not received the tickets they bought from us. The most recent call this morning was an order more than two months ago! That we don’t get our mail is bad enough but when it’s affecting the mail going out as well it leaves us at the end of our tether. We have worked hard to be a credible, ethical and reputable organisation. However, our reputation is being tarnished by this deplorable “mail service”.  Unlike Australia Post, we cannot afford to be in business if we don’t deliver.

In this age of technology, bar code scanning and computerised delivery systems, it is incredible that these delays are experienced on a regular basis. As a not-for-profit organisation, MDA can ill afford to have vital funds destined for its programs, services and research subject to such unprofessional delays.

C’mon Australia Post – stand and deliver!

ABC News – Australia Post Complaints top 1 millioin