Response to ‘fines for life-support power cuts’

Headlines such as “Fines for life-support power cuts” (The Age, 23/1) make me shudder. My son has Duchenne, the severest form of muscular dystrophy, and relies on a ventilator to stay alive. Over recent years, several people with muscular dystrophy have lost their lives to mis-managed power outages.

Every day I see the fight to stay alive. It breaks my heart to think this fight could be lost due to human and/or computer error to properly manage electricity outages for people who depend on ventilators.

Fines, especially if they are substantial, should be a great deterrent, but what is life worth?  I am grateful the Australia Energy Regulator and Energy Consumers Australia are ensuring more efforts are put into fool-proofing processes of power cuts to ensure that people who depend on ventilators are looked after.

Boris M Struk, Executive Director, Muscular Dystrophy Australia


The Sydney Morning Herald