MDA Supporting More Research

Dr Tamar Sztal is a research fellow in the School of Biological Sciences, Monash University, primarily working on modelling muscle disease in zebrafish by investigating the role of inflammation and taurine treatment on muscle wasting in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Dr Sztal and her team have developed methods to quantify both muscle pathology and function as well as a pipeline for large-scale drug testing in muscle disease models. This avenue has the potential to provide important biomarkers to assess muscle damage and identify novel treatments that will be rapidly translatable to a clinical setting.

Recruitment of a PhD student is currently underway for this project and Dr Sztal is collaborating with Professor Miranda Grounds and Dr Peter Arthur from the University of Western Australia on this project.

MDA’s support of this project will facilitate an expansion of the research that may be part of a larger collaborative network that can be establish across Australia.

Pictured are Dr Tamar Sztal and Boris M Struk outside the research facility at Monash University following the signing of MDA’s research grant