Life Membership bestowed on Boris M Struk

Pitcher Partners recently hosted a function to honour Boris M Struk’s illustrious contribution to muscular dystrophy as founder and recently retired inaugural Executive Director of Muscular Dystrophy Australia.

Prof Andrew Kornberg with Boris M Struk

Bill Schlink, President of Committee Management, MDA, spoke of Boris’ commitment at the retirement function – ‘Boris has earned countless honours and awards, notably being nominated twice for Australian of the Year and being a finalist in 2014. In 2009 he won the Pride of Australia Award. Furthermore, he has been recognised as an Unsung Hero by the Paul Newman Foundation. The MD community of Australia owes Boris a considerable debt for its development over the last 30 years. I cannot think of anyone who could ever meet all the criteria like Boris does to be awarded Life Membership of MDA.’

Mr Struk is a visionary who pioneered better health care, research and advocacy for the muscular dystrophy community. The event was attended by medical luminaries and close friends, notably Associate Professor Andrew Kornberg, Senior neurologist and Director of Royal Children’s Hospital Global, who presented Mr Struk with a Lifetime Membership of Muscular Dystrophy Australia in recognition of his unparalleled contribution.  We are delighted to celebrate this acknowledgement of the tremendous contribution Mr Struk has made to our organisation.

For more details about Boris M Struk please read article The End of an Era.