At the end of last year MDA asked our community what their frustrations were and how you’d like us to help you.   We’ll come back with the results soon but you won’t be surprised to hear that one of the frequent issues we heard was that access to transport was a source of frustration and concern. So, we’re very pleased that the NDIS has announced some changes to allow more flexibility for transport.

The new arrangements can be applied from 1 March 2020 if a participant receives funding under one of the following support categories:

  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation
  • Improved Living Arrangements
  • Increased Social and Community Participation
  • Improved Relationships
  • Improved Learning
  • Finding and Keeping a Job (excluding School Leaver Employment Support)

Nine new support items have been added to the Support Catalogue to enable claiming. The increased flexibility is limited to transport costs associated with an activity within one of the above support categories.

A worker’s time spent accompanying or transporting one or more participant/s is claimable under the appropriate support item. A provider is allowed to claim any additional transport costs from NDIS funding, with the participant’s permission.

In summary, it includes the following contributions:

  • up to $0.85 a kilometre for a vehicle that is not modified for accessibility
  • up to $2.40 a kilometre for a vehicle that is modified for accessibility or a bus
  • other forms of transport or associated costs up to the full amount, such as road tolls, parking, public transport fares

The Price Guide confirms this new flexibility is limited to circumstances where a worker is accompanying or transporting a participant. For more detailed information visit:

General transport supports are where a participant pays a provider to transport them to an activity. Arrangements for this are unchanged. Participants are generally responsible for the cost of these general transport services.

If you would like to discuss transport, or any other NDIS package option, please contact our Client Services Team on 03- 9320 9555 or email