The whole world is going through a very challenging time, fighting Coronavirus, and, like most crises, it brings out the best and worst in people.

We’ve decided to focus on the best of humanity: love.

Love is what binds us and helps us through these difficult times.

Love comes in many shapes and forms.  This week we were inspired by Luke and Rebecca’s love story.


‘At first, I had my doubts about being filmed, my anxiety was getting control of me but we got on camera and told our story. We wanted to raise awareness and get people thinking, challenge some perceptions. Love is love, don’t let external judgements change that. After all, it’s the greatest thing in the world ❤️ well… apart from sports but let’s not tell Rebecca that 😜’  Luke David.

If you would like to share your love story with us, please do.   It can be about romantic love, love of a parents for children or a pet!  Love of friends and equals and love of mankind.

Please email