Carer Support

Caring can be very demanding and affects the lives of carers and their families. Carers are often left to bear too much responsibility for the person they care for without enough support. Carers’ health and wellbeing can suffer as a result. They can also feel socially isolated and financially disadvantaged, this is why it is important that they receive support.

MDA aims to assist carers in their role to act quickly and in an informed way. Support is provided in the form of welfare calls, information and recommendations to specific services when needed. This service intends to help show clients there is always someone out there to call and discuss a variety of services, options and needs.

A range of respite opportunities are offered at locations such as Phillip Island and Axe Creek in the form of CampMDA, OperationMD! SWAP and OperationMD! ShortBreak. MDA either takes the client or the primary carer on a much needed respite break, to have some ‘me time.’ In many cases, the carer needs someone to talk to about a certain situation, ask advice or simply be steered in the right direction. All conversations respect ones privacy and aim to support and lighten the carers load.

The Australian Government has also established the Carer Gateway. Carer Gateway is a national online and phone service that provides practical information and resources to support carers. The interactive service finder helps carers connect to local support services

For further information, please contact MDA on +61 3 9320 9555, Contact MDA Client Services for more information –