Education – Training

InformationMD! and EducationMD! are two seminars held annually, providing professional development information for teachers and teacher aides.

We visit schools and present to the teachers, teacher aides and we also to the class of the affected child where necessary. Customised presentations suited to the specific age group have been developed to inform and to take the mystery out of what MD really is.

Having that conversation demystifies the condition, and allows class mates to continue with learning. Cough Assist training can also be arranged on site, fully auspiced by the Nurse Educators to ensure when the machine comes to your home, you are confident and comfortable with its use.

We offer student placements for OT and Physio Degree students, community placements for Masters Genetics students and work experience if required. This can be negotiated with our Client Services Manager. MDA also relies on tertiary education students to perform the critical support at CampMDA. These placements generally form part of the official curriculum where students’ performance is assessed and forms part of their overall university subject marking.