MDA’s Linda Lowe with Gerard Mears

With the growth of the MDA over the past decade and a half, keeping track of our volunteers, donors, Harley raffle ticket buyers and our own members was quite daunting. MDA’s Executive Director, Boris M Struk considered by some as a technocrat, has “played” with database development since the early 80’s and has developed quite a sophisticated database system for the MDA.

While this software meets the unique requirements of the MDA, “it wasn’t easy getting to where we are today” said Boris. “While I knew what we required, well… the implementation of some of the complex routines was beyond my level of expertise, so… in stepped Gerard Mears!”

Computer software development, and knowledge of hardware and networking runs in Gerard’s veins. While he spends most of his time in a control tower as an air traffic controller bringing in planes for a safe landing, he has also been a huge supporter of the MDA with his expertise.

Through Gerard’s volunteering over the past 16 years , he has devoted many hundreds of hours in either writing the specific and complementary software code or making suggestions on a neater implementation. A recent example was the fine tuning of our “events module”, used to track the MDA’s special events ranging from fundraising to CampMDA. The administrative time saved by this module has been significant.

Gerard has been a passionate long-term supporter of the MDA and more recently promoted ChallengeMD! 2006, 2007 and 2008 through his workplace to garner more support for the MDA. “MDA is an organisation I consider worth helping. I find that programming comes easy for me and as Boris has said to me often, that the contribution makes a significant difference. My recent visit to CampMDA seeing first hand the people MDA supports reinforced in my mind the worth of the organisation” says Gerard.

Thank you Gerard, for your support of the Muscular Dystrophy Australia, you have made the task at hand, so much easier for us all.