History of the MD Logo

With the creation of the new Muscular Dystrophy Australia entity MDA embarked on a rebranding of the organisation with a new logo. The new logo had to address the fundamental aspects of MDA’s operations and what we “stood for” or represented – People, Science and Muscle.

Old Logo

Logo Circa 1984

The original logo used by the MDA is depicted above and was a design that incorporated a representation of a person. MDA is very much driven toward service and support of people, members of “our community” and in the evolution of and variations to the logos used; we have always maintained a “people” element.


Mid Logo

Logo Circa 1989

This logo was designed in the late ’80’s for use in several key campaigns including the first significant television Community Service Announcement (CSA). Given the extensive airtime received, it was decided to maintain the logo for general use. However the layout and size of the logo meant that once it was reduced to a small size and located in certain situations the red text was too small to read.


MD Australia

Logo Circa 1998

The ideal opportunity arose with the creation of the new Muscular Dystrophy Australia entity. MDA embarked on a rebranding of the organisation with a new logo.

The MDA logo comprises three elements. The first impression is that of a styalised individual. When you look further it soon becomes obvious that the shape of the “arms and legs” look very similar to a medical representation of muscle. Finally, the double strand of the “arms and legs” represents the double helix of DNA.

MDA Logo Variations

As the MD Logo is instantly recognisable, the base “graphical element” has been used in association with other aspects of the MDA’s operations such as ChallengeMD!, CampMDA, our Research Foundation and several more entities.

MDA retains the International Trademark represented by the logo and the words “Muscular Dystrophy Australia”. MDA’s logo has become synonymous with being a leading agency in the provision of extensive services aimed at supporting the individual and family unit affected by Muscular Dystrophy as well as significant support of clinical and scientific research aimed at contributing to the international pool of knowledge for the benefit of the MD community.

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