MDA – “The Facts”

Since inception, the MDA has developed many programs and services in support of the National MD Community.

Today, we provide support and access to our wide raft of programs and services to people across the nation in each State and Territory. The extent of this service provision is without peer.

MDA have hosted “Campers” from overseas who have attended National CampMDA. And access to The Home of MDA has been made from every quarter of the planet.

In turn, the MDA is supported by community and business partnerships that help sustain the provision of these programs and services to the MD community.

A snapshot of the extent MDA’s program delivery is provided below.

  • National CampMDA Instances 106

  • Futures Program Hours 115,250

  • CampMDA Program Hours 277,280

  • Education & Training 14,198 hours

  • Respite Hours to Families 625,000

  • Case Coordination Hours 6,285

  • Student Placement Hours 164,930

  • Day Program Hours 11,143

  • Total Students Trained 5,500+

  • Information Support 14,422

  • OperationMD ShortBreak 40,944

  • Languages Supported 18

  • OperationMD SWAP 32,020

  • “Home of MDA” visits 24+ Million

  • Total Hours All Programs 1.8 million


Principal Sponsor of:

National Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre

MDA – Neuromuscular Clinic (RCH)