The MDA is supported by community and business partnerships that help sustain the provision of MDA’s programs and services to the MD community.

These partnerships are vital to the continued growth of MDA, the support of the MD community and advances in Muscular Dystrophy research.

Supporting the MDA will provide many positive outcomes for members of the MD community while enhancing corporate opportunities with the portrayal of:

  • The company’s positive public image;
  • Create positive opportunities for employee involvement increasing morale;
  • Through cause related marketing create new sales opportunities; and
  • Opening new sales and marketing opportunities.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is proud to acknowledge the existing partnerships we share with our community and corporate partners who work with us to increase the profile of MD in the community, fund Muscular Dystrophy research and support MDA’s programs and services.

MDA is keen to develop further opportunities to partner with the business and corporate sector. For more information on MD’s sponsorship and partnering opportunities please contact Boris M Struk, MDA Executive Director on 03 9320 9555.