MD Centre

The MDA has had several “homes” since its inception, each had provided the opportunity to develop programs and services in what was then a suitable environment.

Little did we know that our growth was intrinsically linked to the services we provided. And the more we did, the more appropriate accommodation was required for the MDA

Our first home was in Ascot Vale, in a strip shopping centre with sufficient room to be “just adequate.”

A move to a high rise office complex in downtown Moonee Ponds provided significantly more space and modern facilities with spectacular views of Melbourne. However these views were seldom appreciated there was just too much to do to appreciate what Melbourne had to offer.

Now paying rent to a landlord was not ideal and when the opportunity arose, we secured, through purchase, our current building. Comprising two levels with conference facilities, indoor and outdoor parking and modern amenities MDA @ 111 became the new Home of MDA.

The terminology of “Home of MDA” was coined way back in 1995 when we became the first MDA in the world to stake our plot in cyberspace and till this day, “The Home of MDA” located at has also developed as the thirst for information grew.

We encourage members of the MD Community to drop in and pay a visit, to access our Information Library or to have a coffee at Café MDA.

The MD Centre is fully accessible with a lift bypassing the need to use the stairs to the upper level conference facility. All amenities are also fully accessible

MD Centre – Getting There

Muscular Dystrophy Limited
111 Boundary Road North Melbourne VIC 3051

Phone +61 3 9320 9555

Fax +61 3 9320 9595

Now you can’t miss the MDA as we are the Big Blue on Boundry St – 111 to be more precise.

Or for the technically savvy, our GPS coordinates are – 37° 47′ 27.37″ and 144° 56′ 20.20″

Tram and train access is within 200 meters of the MD Centre. City Link has a South bound and North bound exit, also within 200 meters of the MD Centre.

The Royal Children’s Hospital is conveniently located just 7 minutes walk along Flemington Road.

All day free parking is located in front of the MD Centre and all along Boundary Road.

And if you’re coming by cab, it’s a $10 fare from Flinders Street Station.