THRIVING TOGETHER – to Engage + Connect in a meaningful way

Partnering with Muscular Dystrophy Australia offers your business a tremendous way to show your stakeholders, staff, customers and prospects that you are supporting communities across Australia, by giving to people living with life-limiting or debilitating conditions support, quality of life and control.

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About MDA:

Muscular Dystrophy Australia celebrates over 35 years of being the only Australia-wide provider of Muscular Dystrophy support services and information.  1 in every 625 Australian’s of all ages is affected by 60 types of neuromuscular disorders.  MDA have helped over 300,000 individuals, families, carers and community networks through the generosity of our MDA donors and corporate partners. Muscular Dystrophy is a progressive degenerative genetic disorder, with no cure for the disease unfortunately.



MDA’s annual calendar of events, social activities and educational awareness curriculum, offers partnerships collaboratively custom-design programs for both large firms and small-to-medium enterprises.

You have the option to be our Major Partner and receive joint branding recognition across a whole range of MDA public events and activities. Or, alternatively, you may prefer to support a specific program or activity.

With partnerships structured for tangible CSR Results and Reporting, you can:

  • EXPAND your philanthropic community-footprint for customer loyalty and employee incentives, by partnering with a respected, values-driven community partner.
  • DEMONSTRATE your company’s key brand messaging and core values by bringing them to life in the bespoke partnership we build together
  • CREATE partnerships, sponsorship opportunities and recognition to meet your social and financial goals
  • ATTRACT- RETAIN- MOTIVATE staff by offering learning, participation and inclusivity. A great way to build diversity and nurture teams inside and out of the office

Come and join our circle of MDA friendships – Thriving Together.