Community Feedback

Feedback from the public and members of the MD community is always welcome, as it assists us to gauge the effectiveness of our programs and services. We use feedback as a tool to tailor services more keenly and to ensure that we are on the right path addressing the communities’ needs, whether it is in response to a respite activity or fundraising event.

Following a recent OperationMD SWAP respite activity, Jean, a 74 yo MD member affected by a NMD and program participant had these wonderful words penned –

“Thank you for the opportunity you provided me to stay at Wheelie’s Rest for five days with such wonderful people. I will carry the sense of love that surrounded all of us with me for a very long time. … I’ve come home with a new sense of courage that it is possible to go away and do things I haven’t dreamed of for many moons. … it was being with people who despite their great difficulties carry on with courage and enterprise. This inspiration gave me a new lease on life. Thank You MDA”

Community interest has increased to new proportions with our fundraising participants and supporters receiving communication from places as far afield as Maribyrnong to Mackay, from Kingaroy to Kambah from Narrabeen to Northcote from Brisbane and the country’s capital – Canberra. Feedback of this magnitude is beneficial as it gives us the knowledge that so many people take an active interest in what MDA is about and how we continually have the well-being of the community solidly at heart. This interest is the very catalyst that spurs us on to attain even greater opportunities for the promotion of Muscular Dystrophy and the cause we are so passionate about.

MDA recognises the importance of hearing the voice of each and every individual and family affected by MD.  After several years of listening to our National MD community on an informal basis, MDA decided it was time to give a formal avenue for our community to voice their opinions.  It is this reason MDA is conducting the National Survey of Muscular Dystrophy & Neuromuscular Disorders. 

The aim of the National Survey is to quantify the prevalence of MD in Australia.  Based on the outcome of the survey, the MDA will be better placed to support and lobby on behalf of the National MD Community and to influence government, corporate and philanthropic resourcing of clinical & scientific research.

The National Survey will also identify the MD community’s perceptions and needs and assess the quality and quantity of information, support services and respite available to the National MD community.

We believe in striving to create the best possible opportunity for the MD community, because in the absence of our actions there would be little support available.  At the end of the day, MDA is all about maximising the support to the community affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

Thank you all for taking the time and making the effort to keep MDA informed.