From the Desk – January 2008

Another year has passed and all too quickly for those of us waiting for a timely solution for Muscular Dystrophy.

The year has seen many significant gains in research and clinical knowledge and an increase in many support services conducted by the MDA.

These services go a long way in helping affected families and individuals. Help in linking people with their peers, provision of timely and accurate information, conduct of much needed respite programs all with care and compassion.

The year finally saw the completion of phase one of the MDA’s National Survey and Impact of Muscular Dystrophy on the community and individual. The “political launch” coincided with the then Federal election providing both parties with the opportunity to endorse and support the report’s key findings and recommendations.

What was staggering but not surprising was the actual cost to the community exceeding $1.6 billion pa or $ over $128,000 pa for every affected man, woman and child!

Fortunately, the Access Economics Report contains much “ammunition” and the new year of 2008, will see the MDA spending considerable time in the nation’s capital meeting with key political leaders and bureaucrats. The purpose of the meetings will be to ensure that as many of these key individuals understand the personal and public impact of Muscular Dystrophy and in reality how small (in relative terms) an investment is required to make a significant difference to the lives of the affected community. Great government expenditure is required to help service providers as well as families confront the devastating effects of Muscular Dystrophy.


Boris M Struk

January 2008

So, 2008 will start with a well planned frenzy of activity but in the mean-time I’m savouring a bit of R & R in preparation for the forthcoming year’s raft of activities and programs.

I take this opportunity to convey Best Wishes to all MD families, volunteers, supporters, scientists, clinicians and donors in the Hope that 2008 will see the realisation of our collective Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations. Let this year be one where the medical advances Make a significant Difference!

Until next time,