From the Desk – June 2005

My June report to you is a departure from the norm, given the circumstances of our next “adventure.”


Sponsorship for bike to carry a mature aged male for 547 kilometers across jungle terrain in Vietnam during April 2006. ‘Bike’ is from the Harley Davidson Stable with great strength of character, no frills approach to work and is fit for task. Interested parties are requested to contact ‘Bike’s’ representative on 03 9320 9555.

My decision to participate in ChallengeMD! was a result of three influencing factors. They are my enduring support for the MD community, peer pressure and personal reasons.

The MD community is like no other. It is demographically representative of our community and is geographically dispersed. It comprises persons of both genders, of all ages who are directly or indirectly involved with one of 60 neuromuscular disorders. The most significant attribute of the MD community is their individual and collective strength. The strength that endures within families to care for loved ones, the positive strength that refuses to quit while the chance for a treatment or cure still exists and the inner strength of the individual with a neuromuscular disorder. As a parent of a son with Duchenne MD I am aware of our MD community, its circumstances, its realities and its dreams. As the ED MDA I am always humbled by the efforts that families go to provide opportunities and those little things that many take for granted. Your support for the MD community is enduring and I invite your interest to continue that support with ChallengedMD!

Boris M Struk

June 2005

When a neurologist and a retired world champion boxer having been convinced to participate advise their participation in ChallengeMD! and then in the same breath ask me want I am doing on or around April next year – what could I say. My reply was obvious. So there I was with nowhere to go in April 2006 and now with a destiny. How could I have said no to others who willingly give of their time? I now ask the same of you. Your support in being there with us or in supporting us by sponsorship is a worthwhile consideration..

Personally, I am not the sort of guy that would welcome a long bile ride through overgrown bush, in hot and sweaty conditions with two friends who are already physically very fit. But it has to be. In drawing my resolve for this task I reflect on my son Ryan who refuses to let his MD get in his way as he strives for a normal lifestyle. He completes tertiary studies without favour even though he can not turn the page of a textbook. He interacts socially at ever opportunity even though he experiences difficulty in using public transport. He still is able to see the brighter side of life even though he regularly uses a ventilator for breathing support and takes most meals by PEG. Personally how could I say no to ChallengeMD! when I know some many ‘Ryans’ are out there. By the way, What are you doing in April 2006?

The MDA staff will be creating a humour session on the MDA website The Home of MDA for which they will photographically report on the funnier side of my preparation for ChallengeMD! Obviously a visit to this site would be good for a laugh, at my expense!

So ‘Bike´and I will be busy around April 2006. ‘Bike’ needs a new seat and a tyre. I already have a tyre that I do not need and an ample seat. We still need your support either as company on the trip or in spirit by your support.

‘Be There – Do You Dare or Be Fair And Show You Care’.

Until next time!

Boris M Struk