From the Desk – August 2014

We are already half way through 2014, where has this year gone?

I know like for many of you the days and weeks seem to slip by and all of a sudden I’m shocked by the fact we are now closer to this year’s Christmas than last Christmas.

Over the past year I have had the privilege of being the 79th President of the Rotary Club of Essendon, a role which was both challenging and rewarding. My presidency has just ended and I am thankful for the experience. I also thank the club for their support as they made a donation to Muscular Dystrophy Australia of $6,000 to help with the building of a meeting room on the second level of our Head Office.  A highlight of my term was visiting Myanmar on official duties with other Rotarians in April. During the trip we visited The Eden Centre (very similar to MDA’s Futures Program) for children with disabilities, a few of which had Muscular Dystrophy.


It was difficult to see the tough conditions this organisation was operating under, with such limited facilities and minimal support. I was so moved by the big hearted volunteers who worked there and they were so grateful for the donations of equipment and funding that we were able to make on behalf of the club.

Spending time there really opened up my eyes, witnessing first-hand the volunteers working with these children reminded me that there is a universal desire in the human spirit to help those less fortunate. The people working with these children were not wealthy in a monetary sense but were wealthy in the love and care they provided to the children.

We in Australia are so lucky to have the opportunities and advantages that come with living in a developed country, yet so many of us easily succumb to complaining about our lives and forget to appreciate how privileged we are. I feel it important to venture outside our comfort zones to get perspective and see how other people live.


Boris M Struk

August 1st 2014

Activities from: events, administration and CampMDA is so thankful to our many generous volunteers who help out on a range of ring; amongst others. We always welcome new volunteers who can assist us in any capacity. Recently we had a new volunteer design our Superhero Day booklet which equated to big dollar savings, meaning we can focus more of our funding on vital care programs and research.

We have several significant events coming up during the year such as Superhero Day for MD (1-5 September 2014), the Big Boys Toys Car Show (7 December 2014) and Run for Strength Fun Run (17 February 2015), and for each event we need a large number of volunteers to help out.

I encourage you to put these dates in your diary. The car show will be an inaugural event at Essendon Fields and we will have many surprises in store ranging from opportunities for helicopter flights, seeing Santa arrive in a chopper, the noise of a top ‘door slammer’ car firing its 2,000 plus horsepower engine to on-stage entertainment. This will provide a marvelous opportunity for MD families and friends to get together and enjoy the event, as well as the chance support each other through the journey that is MD.

We also rely heavily on sponsorship and the donation of products for various functions during the year. I whole-heartedly encourage you to contact us at MDA if you would like to offer us your time or skills. Every single helping hand is really appreciated and goes a long way in supporting our organisation and the MD community.  Even if you’re not sure how you could help, give us a call and come in to see our offices to get a better understanding of what we do and what we are trying to work towards for the future.

Until next time,