From the Desk – November 2007

We are back, we have returned from another “life changing” experience which was ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia.

Twenty four riders committed to Make a Difference by pedaling in excess of 520km through the oppressive heat and humidity of Cambodia and raising (to date) over $420,000 for MD services and research.I convey sincere appreciation to all Riders and Sponsors who contributed to this marvelous result. I also acknowledge the support of DFAT and Ambassador Margaret Adamson. The publicity MD received was nothing short of amazing and we were treated as celebrities in the cities, towns and villages we traveled through.  Photos and stories are currently being compiled and the website will be updated with this exciting information very shortly.

MDA strives to do everything we can to support the MD community, we believe that lobbying the government and providing a voice to the one in 1000 Australians affected by a NMD and their families an important role in our challenge to Make a Difference.

For several years now MDA has been lobbying the government to provide increased support and services to the national MD community and have highlighted the significant gaps in funding that place financial hardship on families and the healthcare system.


Boris M Struk

November 2007

Leading up to this year’s federal election, MDA have once again submitted detailed submissions to both Coalition and Labor, requesting a response as to their proposed consideration and action in supporting the MD community.

Like many other Australian families, mine has been touched by the devastating effects of this Muscle Destroying disorder, where the impact on the affected individual and family unit is felt 24 hours a day, seven days per week. We don’t have the luxury of a six week electioneering period where taxpayer’s money is being spent on all sorts of nebulous and sometimes fringe vote catchers. I guess when Mr Howard said he’d be targeting swinging voters this is what he really meant when he announced a $500,000 grant to Indonesian Orang-utans. For our families the devastation of Muscular Dystrophy is being experienced around the clock – relentlessly and this grant really places our MD Community on notice when it comes to pre-election decision making.

It is unfortunate and disappointing that the Coalition have once again failed to acknowledge the hardships faced by the MD community.

At least Labor have acknowledged MDA’s submission and request for support with an agreement to place the submission into consideration should Labor form government following this year’s election.

Until next time,