CampMDA # 11

September, 1993

Campaspe Downs


1.Gary Callejan
2.Kieran Dix
3.Nicholas Fryer
4.Chris Fryer
5.Jeremy Goding
6.Steve Lyon
7.Ben Lyster
8.Craig McCracken
9.David Middleton
10.Geoff Meehan
11.Danny Myers
12.David Perram
13.Sam Rendell
14.Paul Scelora
15.Darren Sinkinson
16.Ryan Struk
17.Lawrence Chirio
18.Brett Hilton
19.Greg Dempster
20.Tighe Mullane
21.Andrew Kirkpatrick
22.Garth Lamont
23.David Watts

Boris M Struk
Paul Butler
Cora Browne
Chris Mania
Kerri Pearce
Maree Payne
Corry Hodgkisson
Jacqui Ridley
Fiona Cameron
Catherine Boulter
Tanya Lefebure
Freda Panagakos
Ingrid White
Mary Rendell
Jo Dalton
Christine Miaoulis
Gordon Perram
Debra Politis
Tony Dempster
Claudia Jones
Tim Kelso
Joanne Hoey
Stella Wong


Sunday – Lunch, orientation and introductory activities.

Monday – On site activities including – model aircraft display, swimming, wheelchair sports, fishing, bushwalking, art/craft, video making, campfire, obstacle course and canoeing.

Tuesday – Younger campers when on a day trip to Daylesford/Hepburn springs. Older campers stayed at camp.

Wednesday – Choice of trip to Melbourne or Bendigo.

Thursday – Older campers trip to St Anne’s Winery, picnic and tour. Younger campers stayed back at camp and did more activities. Evening skits and concert.

Friday – Packed up and went home.


Garth decided he needed a bath and drove into the lake. The weather was absolutely horrific. They played heaps of hockey in the stadium, swimming and gossiping by the fireside.