CampMDA # 12

20th – 22nd October, 1993

Phillip Island

“Father Son CampMDA”


1.Darren Sinkinson
2.Ryan Struk
3.Darran Browne
4.Andrew Kirkpatrick
5.Sam Rendell
6.David Perram

John Sinkinson
Boris M Struk
James Browne
Paul Butler
Rob Rendell
Gordon Perram
Tim Kelso


  • Ÿ Tour through Cowes
  • Ÿ Visit to Fairy Penguins
  • Ÿ Visited the maze
  • Ÿ Saw Koalas
  • Ÿ Sightseeing on the island
  • Ÿ Model boats
  • BMX obstacle course


Highlights included everyone getting lost in the maze, blocking up the main footpath in Cowes and David Perram tipping himself upside down on the BMX wall.  There was also a lot of snoring (all denied of course!).