CampMDA # 14

11th – 15th July, 1994



1.Darran Browne
2.Heath Ryan
3.Reza Panahi
4.Ryan Struk
5.Paul Scalora
6.Garry Callejan
7.Joseph Autelitano
8.Darren Sinkinson
9.David Perram
10.Andrew Kirkpatrick
11.Kieran Dix
12.Angelo Siliotis
13.Ben Lyster
14.Geoff Meehan
15.Steve Lyon


Boris M Struk
Lynda Hobbins
Elisse Thomas
Debra Politis
Liz Heaton
Brett Toy
David Kerwin
Kylie Waterman
Melinda Skermer
Gordan Perram
Naomi Fyffe
Melissa Manning
Nicole Jolly
Nicole Cushen
Jacqui Ridley
Lynley McCraig
Sam Scalora
Kevin Larney
James Browne
Tim Kelso


Monday July 11th – Travel to camp and introductions. We also had a lunch stop at Moe.

Tuesday July 12th – On site activities – orienteering, bushwalks, art/crafts, wheelchair sports, fishing, canoeing and cooking etc.

Wednesday July 13th – Day trip to the snow and video night.

Thursday July 14th – On site activities followed by the final night concert in the evening.

Friday July 15th – Pack up and return home.


The weather wasn’t great, and it was freezing at night. The canoeing was fun as was the party/concert on the last evening. The bonfire and damper was great. The tie-dying was good although some shirts turned out better than others. There was also a good game of basketball. The food wasn’t that flash and the amount of snow was pretty dismal!