CampMDA # 16

13th – 20th January, 1995


  1. Ryan Struk                           
  2. Geoff Meehan                                 
  3. Andrew Kirkpatrick               
  4. Steve Lyon                           
  5. Darren Sinkinson                             
  6. Kieran Dix


Boris M Struk
Paul Butler
Brett Toy
Brendan Paul
Tim Kelso


Friday January 13th – Travel over to Devonport via ship. Bases at Black Stump.

All Activities were played by ear but places visited included;

  • Ÿ Strachan                               Ÿ Queenstown
  • Ÿ Catarach Gorge                   Ÿ Sheffield
  • Ÿ Devonport                            Ÿ Stanley (the Nut)
  • Ÿ Tamar River                         Ÿ Launceston
  • Ÿ Mole Creek                          Ÿ Marrakoopa
  • Ÿ King Solomon’s Mine


The ship ride over was great fun, probably the best part of the trip. Acting like pirates – it was stupid but funny. The Nut was too steep for our chairs. There was also a big Copperhead snake! The seafood on the wharf at Strachan was delicious. The Gorge was beautiful and the mines were unbelievable. The visit to an animal farm was great with the boys holding koalas and Tasmanian devils. The Tamar River coast guard took the boys for a ride, although Darren Sinkinson wussed out about the three foot drop onto the boat. Brett missed out on seeing his girlfriend when the ride took about five hours instead of two hours! The bus went bush bashing with a few beers on the bus. Unfortunately it was a one way road and the bus had to reverse back to the main road. An echidna was found and after half an hour it was dug out of the ground, and taken on the bus for the boys to see. There was plenty of sing-a-longs, farting and bad jokes! The homemade apple juice at the base was nicknamed ‘fart juice’ for obvious reasons. The trip took its toll and many returned from camp absolutely exhausted.