CampMDA # 17

Camp MDA No.17
January, 1995


  1. Ryan Struk                               
  2. David Middleton                       
  3. BJ Andrews                              
  4. Adam Ward                              
  5. Chris & Nick Fryer                                                                 
  6. Joel Devink                              
  7. Leon Leontyev                         
  8. David Watts                             
  9. Garry Callejan                          
  10. Darran Browne                         
  11. Heath Ryan                              
  12. David Perram                           
  13. Andrew Kirkpartick                   
  14. Garth Lamont                           
  15. Adrian  & Joseph Autelitano    
  16. Kieran Dix                        


Fiona Clancy
Shari Denovan
Colleen Boucher
Nikki Butcher
Laura Grant   
Courtney Prosser
Sam Prosser
Louie Zucchet
Jane Bourke
Tim Kelso
Boris M Struk
Fiona Patterson
Susan Townsend


ŸTrip on River Cruiser around Gippsland Lakes, canoeing, bushwalking, videos, flying fox rides, horse riding (for carers) and a trip into Lakes Entrance and Bairnesdale.


 Tim’s driving skills should be improved; he drove up onto the garden whilst backing out! The carers went horse riding which was great for everyone except for Shari and their proved to be some strange walking the next day! We had a sherry spitting contest and went for rides on the flying fox. There were two and Nick Fryer and Leon had a ride.

There were canoe races almost everyday because the weather was sensational. Joel even went for a canoe. Swimming in the pool was also fun. We went for a night walk, one of Boris’s brilliant ideas which resulted in many flat batteries. A few people went into soft ditches and the carers had to push everyone back.

The boys set up a brilliant obstacle course through which the carers were blind folded first and then the campers were. The funniest was Heath taking Fiona Clancy through. She hit her head with a big thud on the badminton poles! Garry and Courtney won in a flying time and Garry was crowned the king. A trip to Bairnesdale happened and a cruise around Gippsland Lakes happened. The skits on the last night were fantastic.