CampMDA # 18

20th – 23rd April, 1995
Sunnystones, Bacchus Marsh


  1. Ryan Struk                                
  2. David Perram                           
  3. David Middleton                        
  4. Garth Lamont                           
  5. Heath Ryan                               
  6. Chris Fryer                                
  7. Nick Fryer                                             
  8. Andrew Kirkpatrick                   
  9. Adrian Autelitano                                 
  10. Steve Lyon                               
  11. David Watt                                           
  12. Joel Devink
  13. Ben McKenzie
  14. Darran Browne
  15. BJ Andrew
  16. Leon Leontyev


Shari Denovan
Jane Bourke
Sarah Smith
Courtney Prosser
Nikki Butcher
Lawrence Lee
Paul Butler
Boris M Struk
Gordon Perram
Laura Grant


Wednesday April 20th – Arrived at camp for lunch. Got to know everyone

Thursday April 21st – Bacchus Marsh YMCA for hockey, and a visit to  St Anne’s Vineyard.

Friday April 22nd – Head to Ballarat and Sovereign Hill during the day and a concert in the evening.

Saturday April 23rd – Head to Bacchus Marsh Rifle Range and then head home.


The treasure hunt set up by Jane and Shari was a big success. Boris and Paul had a special one made up for them as well which was very funny! Sovereign Hill was good with the boys traveling down into the mines, having to keep their wheelchairs upon tracks that carried the gold. The shooting range was good. Carers supported campers from behind and on the trigger so that they could fire the guns. Boris and Sarah hit some bull’s-eyes. Food was pretty good and the weather was quite mild, although the fire above the ‘pit’ was warming. A trip to the winery proved that Nick couldn’t handle his alcohol, indulging in too much port tasting. The bus trip home for him was hard, but the bucket at the end of the road was sweet relief. The evening concert was a huge success, the highlight seeing David Watts playing the air guitar and singing.