CampMDA # 19

July, 1995
Campaspe Downs


  1. Ryan Struk                                           
  2. Steven Lyon                             
  3. Garry Callejan                           
  4. David Middleton                        
  5. Leon Leontyev              
  6. Adrian Autelitano                      
  7. David Perram                
  8. Darren Sinkinson                      
  9. Kieran Dix                                 
  10. Geoff Meehan               
  11. Anthony De Sensi                    
  12. Garth Lamont                
  13. Joseph Autelitano                     
  14. Trevor Davidson            
  15. Andrew Kirkpatrick        
  16. Daniel Moran                 
  17. Ben Lyster                                
  18. Ben McKenzie               
  19. Darran Browne  


Boris M Struk
Jane Bourke 
Sarah Smith  
Kerri Pearce 
Kirsten Soeterboek
Debra Politis
Megan Finlay
Kate Trinham
Jackie Price
Deborah Chubb
Carole Blake
Lydia Tsiros
Effie Strathopoulas
Tracey Inns
Velmer Hoekstra
Lucy Siemers
Jane Ferrari
Angela Verberne
Lily Vossenberg
Justin O’Harra
Laura Grant
Paul Butler
Ron McKenzie



  • Ÿ SwimmingSpa
  • Ÿ Canoeing
  • Ÿ Playing hockey in the stadium
  • Ÿ Trip to winery
  • Ÿ Day trip to Bendigo


 Darren’s hormones went haywire when he saw the girls in their bathers! There was a trip to Bendigo on the train, where the older boys went to the pub and the younger boys went to the Dragon Museum. What would a trip to Bendigo be without sampling the McDonalds! The weather was freezing and that limited the amount of outdoor activities, although there were the selected few that braved the morning for a brisk walk, even Laura surfaced one morning! The food wasn’t that bad although it wasn’t that good either. A lot of time was spent around the fireplace. The final night concert was a big success.