CampMDA # 2

2nd – 7th January, 1990




  1. Steven Lyon
  2. Laurie Hodgkisson
  3. David Perram
  4. Phillip Loughan
  5. Ryan Struk
  6. Nathan Price


Katherine Wishart
Michelle Perry
Bronwyn Clark
Sarah Gamble
Tim Kelso
Ena Johnstone



Tuesday 2nd January – Departure and travel to camp. Lunch at Lake Colac

Wednesday 3rd January – Canoeing, fishing, art/craft activities at the camp site.

Thursday 4th January – Tour along Great Ocean Road. Visit 12 Apostles and Lochard Gorge, camel rides. Lunch at Port Campbell.

Friday 5th January – Visit Melba State Forest. Night visit to the glow worms.

Saturday 6th January – Farm tour, canoeing, fishing. Evening visit to Mutton Bird Island.

Sunday 7th January – Pack up and travel home.


After the success of our first camp run in conjunction with Noah’s Ark Toy Library, the next step was to run a camp using entirely our own resources. This camp was another great success, thanks to the dedication of our carers and the spirit of adventure in all the campers. As with the first camp it was a learning experience, but we were fortunate to have milder weather and no major health problems. The only minor hiccup was a flat tyre on the trip home.

All the campers reported an enjoyable week and all promised to return to future camps. All except Phillip Loughan have kept this promise.