CampMDA # 20

23rd – 29th September, 1995
Puckapunyal Military Base


  1. Chris Green                   
  2. Aaron Fullarton              
  3. Greg Eldridge                
  4. Garth Lamont                
  5. Chris Fryer                     
  6. Nick Fryer                                 
  7. BJ Andrews                   
  8. Jamed Matuszcak (QLD)         
  9. Willie Hobbs                  
  10. Jeffrey Betts (QLD)       
  11. Barry Martin                   
  12. Mitchell Oates (NSW)   
  13. Joel De Vink                  
  14. Benjamin Wilton            
  15. David Perram                
  16. David Middleton            
  17. Joesph Autelitano                     
  18. Adrian Autelitano                      
  19. Ryan Struk                     
  20. Kevin Rachow (QLD)    
  21. Locky Magnussen                                           
  22. Ian Hamer                                 
  23. David Seymour             
  24. Peter Catton                  
  25. Adam Ward                   
  26. Steve Lyon                    
  27. Heather Swift                 
  28. Shane Beaty                  
  29. Ian Charles                    
  30. Andrew Kirkpatrick        
  31. Heath Ryan                   
  32. Garry Callejan               
  33. Max Davy (QLD)                       
  34. Geoff Meehan               
  35. Anthony De Sensi                    
  36. Darran Browne              
  37. Pamela Hall                   
  38. Narissa Wilson (QLD)   
  39. Steven Forrester (TAS)
  40. Annette Sassano
  41. Keiran Dix


Lisa Veitch
Hazel Brinas
Jacqui Gordon
Paul Albers
Lisa Christie
Korieza Maloney
Luigi Zucchet
Vicki Smith
Rebecca Belcher
Neil Ward
Stuart Oates (NSW)
Mela’ ana Kaitu’u
Pru Breen
Kerri Pearce
Kirsten Soeterboek
Julie Naughton
Tamara Meehan
Katrina Sweeney
Alexia Peniguel
Susan Townsend
Kelly Mullen
Theare Gadd
Chris Seymour
Darren Sinkinson
Boris M Struk
Laura Grant
Lucy Siemers
Kylie Wallace
Brian Cahir
Jackie Price
Kirsty McDonald
Theresa Bresnan
Felicity Cargen
Emily Fullerton
Michelle McFarlane
Rachel Orloff
Sandra Taylor
Carrie Greig
Nicoletta Tutolo
Jane Bourke


  • Ÿ School of Amour
  • Ÿ School of Catering
  • Ÿ School of Transport
  • Ÿ Weapons Demonstration
  • Ÿ Amour Museum
  • Ÿ Transport Museum
  • Ÿ Ride in tanks
  • Ÿ Bonfire with singing and story telling
  • Ÿ Jake the snake man
  • Ÿ Winery tour for older boys
  • Ÿ Farm tour for younger boys


The weather was miserable, but hey, that’s to be expected whenever MDA hits Pucka! Kevin lost his battery charger at the airport but was thankfully found at a later date. The army contingent made us feel very welcome and was lots of fun.

Jake the snake man arrived and showed everyone his ‘friends’! The Geelong Harley Davidson Riders Club came and showed off their wheels! The steak on Sunday was a little on the ‘moo-ing’ side. The karaoke machine was bought out and should have been put away just as quickly with some of the voices on the gang! Card games are always a big hit on camp.

Weapons display was great with Boris allowed to fire a few rounds of the M60 machine gun. A giant camp fire happened with a few stories and singing. It was very cold. The school of transport put on a display organizing various vehicles. Defensive driving in the cars was a big highlight for the boys. A fire fighting display was a big hit with the younger boys. They were also taken to a hobby farm. Die Hard 3 was the movie seen. A model aircraft show was put on. One plane flew at 200kph. A visit to the school of amour was a must. The band rocked the place down on the last evening. The carers went on the obstacle course. The boys went for a ride in the tanks. The weather was cold at first but warmed up during the week.