CampMDA # 21

October, 1995
Phillip Island

“Father Son CampMDA”


  1. Ryan Struk                                
  2. Garry Callejan                           
  3. Garth Lamont                           
  4. Jack Foley                                            
  5. Mitchell Oates                           
  6. Darran Browne                         
  7. Andrew Kirkpatrick   


Boris M Struk
Kevin Callejan
Tom Lamont
Peter Foley
Stuart Oates
James Browne
Paul Butler


  • Ÿ Visit to the penguins
  • Ÿ Sightseeing in Cowes
  • Ÿ Went through the Maze


Visited the Fairy Penguins and the weather was FREEZING! Garth became sick. Mitchell fell off the ramp coming out of the rooms. James Browne stood on the ramp and bent it. Visited a maze, everyone was lost for about two hours, and the fathers bonded around beer and pizza one evening until 1am. The fish ‘n’ chips in San Remo were fantastic! One the way back Boris drove through a huge waterfall on Dynon Road.