CampMDA # 22

January, 1996
Derby Hill, Maldon


  1. Andrew Kirkpatrick                               
  2. Kieran Dix                                                        
  3. Ben McKenzie               
  4. Chris Fryer                     
  5. Nick Fryer
  6. Joseph Autelitano                     
  7. Adrian Autelitano
  8. Joel Devink                    
  9. Daniel Moran                 
  10. David Middleton            
  11. David Watts                   
  12. Chris Green                   
  13. Ryan Struk                     
  14. Garth Lamont                
  15. Darran Browne              
  16. David Perram                
  17. Darren Sinkinson                      
  18. Garry Callejan               
  19. Heath Ryan                   
  20. Mark Brown                   
  21. Willie Hobbs                  
  22. Steven Lyon                  
  23. Leon Leontyev              
  24. Nathan Price  


Fiona Clancy
Lawrence Lee
Shari Denovan
Nikki Butcher
Aaron Kellett
Jane Bourke
Fiona Patterson
Sarah Clancy
Shiona Herbert
Emily D’astoli
Caroline McKenzie
Naomi Cooke
Marion Kapnoullas
Kerri Pearce
Danielle Dean
Rochelle Sleep
Lily Vossenburg
Ban Marshall
Angela Verberne
Alexia Peniguel
Gordon Perram
Theresa Bresnan


  • Ÿ Motor bike riding
  • Ÿ Traveling down a mine
  • Ÿ Visit by an ‘elderly gentleman’ regarding history of Mining Maldon
  • Ÿ Visit by police dog squad
  • Ÿ Visit to the women’s prison farm


 Visit by the police dog squad. The dogs were beautiful and very well behaved. Playing card games, apart from playing with Leon! The skits were fantastic. The band came and the police told us to keep the noise down, but it was thoroughly enjoyable! Willie flirted his way through the girls. The jigsaw puzzles were a hit, particularly ‘Where’s Wally’. Shari nearly cried her way through camp. Boris searched for blue pieces of sky for umpteen hours and the roastie-toasties were a treat. Hockey is always part of camp. And so were the January water fights. Leon had his super soaker and everyone was wet at least once throughout camp.