CampMDA # 24

15th – 19th April, 1996
Cave Hill Creek


  1. Garth Lamont                           
  2. Chris Green                              
  3. Nick Fryer                                             
  4. Chris Fryer                                           
  5. David Middleton                        
  6. Heath Ryan                               
  7. Andrew Kirkpatrick                   
  8. Adrian Autelitano                                 
  9. Joseph Autelitano                                
  10. Leon Leontyev                          
  11. Daniel Moran                            
  12. Geoff Meechan                         
  13. Darren Sinkinson                                 
  14. Darran Browne                         
  15. Ben McKenzie                          
  16. Ryan Struk                                
  17. David Perram                           
  18. David Watts                              
  19. Steve Lyon                               
  20. Kieran Dix                                            
  21. Joel Devink            


Boris M Struk
Emily Greeves
Shari Denovan
Kerri Pearce
Kylie Wallace
Paul Butler
Laura Grant
Angela Verberne
Christina Robb
Chantelle Grieve
Sallyann Simmonds
Ann McWilliam
Kath Stewart
Jane Bourke
Graham Knight
Melanie Nasarczyk
James Browne
Belinda Browne
Jenny Bartlett



Monday 15th April – Arrived and set up. Getting to know you games.

Tuesday 6th April – Hockey and games. Trip to Sovereign Hill.

Wednesday 17th April – Videos, games and trivia night.

Thursday 18th April – Hockey, games, skits and a band.

Friday 19th April – Pack up and go home.


The Sovereign Hill night show was fun although it was very cold. McDonalds and Pizza fixed everyone up though. The weather was terrible as was the lady who ran the campsite. The trivia night was fun with prizes given out throughout the evening. Forest Gump was watched on several occasions. The band was bad and very loud. There were kangaroos all over the place and it would have been nice to see them in summer. The skits were good on the last night. And the older boys really enjoyed the trip to the pub in Beaufort!