CampMDA # 25

July, 1995
Campaspe Downs


  1. Andrew Kirkpatrick                                          
  2. Ryan Struk                                                       
  3. Geoff Meehan                                                            
  4. Darren Sinkinson                                                        
  5. David Middleton                                                          
  6. David Watts                                                     
  7. Kieran Dix                                                                   
  8. Darran Browne                                    
  9. Chris Green                                                     
  10. BJ Andrews                              
  11. Aaron Fullerton                         
  12. Joel Devink                               
  13. Daniel Moran                            
  14. Steven Lyon                             
  15. Zach Bartlett                             
  16. Peter Cameron                         
  17. Garth Lamont                           
  18. Heath Ryan                               
  19. Sam Rendell                             
  20. Joseph Autelitano                                
  21. Garry Callejan                           
  22. Adrian Autelitano


Boris M Struk
Natalie Carrazza
Chris Soeterboek
Bec Porter
Nikki Butcher
Kirsty Splat
Kylie Wallace
Katrina Buldt
Amanda Camm
Emily Reeves
Brett Boshier
Andrew Moran
Jennifer Hansen
Shelley Fitzpatrick
Marie and Lox Peniguel
Tamara McCurdy
Susan Townsend
Katherine Dobson
Rob &  Kerri Pearce
Lawrence Lee
Justin O’Hara
Trish Wingard
Shari Denovan
Sarah Smith
Ange Verberne
Fiona Clancey
Paul Butler
Laura Grant
Fiona Patterson
Briony McLoughlan



Sunday 3rd July – Arrive. Camper/carer photos. Rules and regulations

Monday 4th July – Activities including swimming, hockey and a performance by aboriginal dancers.

Tuesday 5th July – Activities, including swimming and fishing followed by evening activities.

Wednesday 6th July – Go to Bendigo and watch a film. Lunch in Kyenton, where some adults went to the pub.

Thursday 7th July – Activities. Swimming for the younger boys and a pub and winery tour for the older ones. Concert and Band in the evening.

Friday 8th July – Clean up and go home but not without a group photo.


Good Food. Weather was cold but the fire kept everyone warm. Hockey was loved by all of the boys in the big stadium. Swimming and spas were also enjoyed by all. The staff were friendly and helpful. The carers organised some great activities and fun was had by all. Joseph had a blood nose for about 45 minutes and nearly took a trip to the hospital, but he held back.