CampMDA # 26

29th September – 4th October, 1996
Puckapunyal Military Base


  1. Ryan Struk                                                       
  2. Andrew Kirkpatrick                                          
  3. Geoff Meehan                                                 
  4. BJ Andrews                                         
  5. Chris Green                              
  6. Annette Sassano                                 
  7. Darran Browne                         
  8. David Watts                              
  9. Joel Devink                               
  10. Adrian Auteliano                                  
  11. Heath Ryan                               
  12. Ben McKenzie                          
  13. Ian Charles                               
  14. Peter Catton                             
  15. Aaron Fullarton                         
  16. Kieran Dix                                            
  17. David Middleton                                              
  18. Ben Wilton                                           
  19. Steve Lyon                               
  20. Jack Foley                                            
  21. Darren Sinkinson                                 
  22. Shaun Mundy                           
  23. Garry Callejan                           
  24. Willie Hobbs                             
  25. Leon Leontyev                          
  26. Nick Fryer                                             
  27. Chris Fryer                                
  28. Brendan Henderson (QLD)      
  29. Kevin Rachow (QLD)               
  30. Aaron Eickenhoff (QLD)                      
  31. Daniel Kelly                               
  32. Nathan Price                             
  33. Anthony Desensi                                 
  34. David Perram                           
  35. Ian Hamer                                            
  36. Barry Martin      


Boris M Struk
Gordon Perram
Paul Butler
Briony McLaughlan
Jade Messer
Serenity Hill
Belinda Browne
Alexia Peneguil
Elena Ford
Melinda Sebbage
Chris Soeterboek
Kathryn Pegg
Alice Trevaskis
Heather Buckmaster
Sean Whelan
Emma Newman
Kylie Wallace
Angela Verberne
Shari Denovan
Michelle McFarlane
Reza Panahi
Kerri Pearce
Karen Hughan
Ron McKenzie
Felicity Carden
Graham Knight
Brett Boudier
Karly Rowe
Claudia Frew
Leesa Rigo
Kathleen Ballard
Bernice McCarroll
Leah Broad
Rebecca Winzar
Leanne Shell
Marilyn Lee
Angela Kent
Sally Whiteside
Megan McBride
Georgia McIntyre
Tegwen Nankervis
Susan Townsend
Nicoletta Toletta
Kirsten Soeterboek
Fiona Patterson
Tim Kelso



Sunday 29th September – Arrive, unpack, orientate and get to know one another. Visit by Harley Davidson

Monday 30th September – Tour of a museum, static display, driving demonstrations. A visit by Jake the snake man. In the evening we watched the film Mission Impossible.

Tuesday 1st October – We has visits from the firefighters and the military police. We also had a static display and a weapons display.

Wednesday 2nd October – Cooking at kitchens and swimming in the pool. Visits by Camels and the police air wing and dog squad. The aboriginal dancers put on a show in the evening.

Thursday 3rd October – Museum visit and armed vehicle display. Confidence course in afternoon. Farm visit for younger boys, Chateau Tahblik for older boys. Skits and presentations followed by the famous disco.

Friday 4th October – Pack up and go home.


The Harley Davidson’s were good and many of the companions cruised around the base with the riders, as did Brendan, who thoroughly enjoyed his time.

Nick Fryer’s altercation with a Venetian blind cord, resulted in a trip to Seymour Hospital followed by a plaster cast. Needles to say the break was rather impressive! The museum tour and driving display was most enjoyable with a few of the guys getting involved. (We later found out that Brendan Henderson gets involved in everything!) The weather was awful, sunny on the last day.

Jake the snake man proved to be a big hit with his information and display of venomous snakes and harmless pythons and lizards. Mission Impossible later on in the evening was good with it giving everyone a chance to relax.

The military police paid us a visit where we learnt about penalties on the base, we told them to watch Boris’ driving. Cooking was fun, with a few flour fights and some yummy rock cakes coming out of it. The dog squad and air wing visit was sensational as was the weapons display, where many boys joined in a pretended they were saving the country with the semi and fully automatic rifles. The older boys enjoyed the winery tour some coming back with some delightful tastings. The younger boys went to a hobby farm where they were treated to a lovely afternoon tea. Steve played some wicked harmonica tunes with Carmel on the last night. Ryan, David and David dressed up in military whites and posed for some photos – they looked fantastic.

The Queensland boys made their impact, Aaron for falling out of his chair (so did Nathan), Brendan for just being him and Kevin for being as cute as a button. The army guys were wonderful and their hospitality, second to none. The main highlight, that no one will forget was Willie Hobbs’ wake up calls at 6.30 EVERY MORNING!!!