CampMDA # 27

19th – 24th January, 1997


1. Sam Rendell                                                      
2. Daniel Moran                                         
3. Garry Callejan                                        
4. Ryan Struk                                                        
5. David Middleton                                     
6. Andrew Kirkpatrick                                            
7. BJ Andrews                                
8. Reza Panahi                   
9. Darren Sinkinson            
10. Chris Green                   
11. Adrian Autelitano                      
12. Willie Hobbs                  
13. Garth Lamont                
14. Kieran Dix                                 
15. Steven Lyon                  
16. Joel De Vink                  
17. Leon Leontyev              
18. Ben McKenzie               
19. Heath Ryan                   
20. Darran Browne              
21. Caroline Langtree



Boris M Struk
Paul Butler
Nick Dann
Peter Noris
Jane Bourke
Chris Soeterboek
Fiona Patterson
Andrew Moran
Brett Boshier
Kylie Wallace
Melissa Sanginetti
Emily Reeves
Leanne Shell
Alexia Peneguil
Susan Townsend
Amanda Sharkey
Angela Verberne
Nikki Butcher
Kerryn Bowen
Nikki Newsom
Kirsten Soeterboek
Jim Browne
Heather Buckmaster
Tim Kelso
Gordon Perram
Shari Denovan
James Browne


Sunday 19th January – Drive to campsite. Lunch at Lake Colac. Arrive and unpack.

Monday 20th January – Drive along the Great Ocean Road, visit 12 apostles, Lochard Gorge and remainder of London Bridge. Lunch at Port Campbell. Return to campsite. Swimming down by river.

Tuesday 21st January – Stay around campsite and enjoyed activities such as canoeing, swimming and hockey.

Wednesday 22nd January – Visit Flagstaff Hill in Warnambool. Interview by local TV and newspaper. Glow worm visit.

Thursday 23rd January – Visit helicopter rides and Port Campbell Hotel. Skits (companion driven) nd relaxing evening.

Friday 24th January – Pack up and head home. Lunch in Colac.


 Steve Lyon and David Middleton’s joy ride in the helicopter. The weather was extremely hot, up to 40 degrees, so naturally water fights were a huge part of this camp. Everyone was thoroughly involved and of course saturated at various times during the week. Streets donated some delicious ice creams whilst in Warrnambool. The skit night was interesting, Boris enjoyed an orange whilst others laughed at him. Someone, namely BJ, let the big pig out of its yard! It was funny, its been done before, but it reminded us of David Perram. The main highlight of the trip was the strength, support and courage of Gordon.