CampMDA # 29

30th June – 4th July, 1997
Campaspe Downs


  1. BJ Andrews                                                     
  2. Aaron Fullerton                                                
  3. Chris Green                                                     
  4. Jarrod Harvey                                                  
  5. Ian Charles                                                      
  6. Leon Leontyev                                     
  7. Joel De Vink                             
  8. Garth Lamont                           
  9. Steve Lyon                               
  10. Willie Hobbs                             
  11. Kieran Dix                                            
  12. David Middleton                        
  13. Ryan Struk                                
  14. Andrew Kirkpatrick      


Boris M Struk
Paul Butler
Deanne Stwak
Natalie Hyman
Hollee Ashfield
Sarah Gardiner
Jenny Bartlet
Kirsten Soeterboek
Liz Mowat / Sarah Barrett
Susan Townsend
Jana Bourke
Kylie Wallace
Shannon Dix
Kate Gibson
Fiona Patterson
Shari Denovan
Melanie Nasarczyk
Gordan Perram
Sarah Smith
Ange Verberne


Monday 30th June – Arrive at camp, unpack and had some lunch. Swimming. In the evening we got to know each other and went through all of the rules and regulations.

Tuesday 1st July – Shari conducted her activity this morning which was making muffins. This was a big hit because everyone wanted to eat them. In the afternoon everyone went swimming or played hockey. The night activity was a trivia night; I think everyone is getting a little bit tired of it.

Wednesday 2nd July – Mucked around in the morning and straight after lunch we all left for Bendigo. Everyone got into the movie theatre to see ‘Liar, Liar’ which was thoroughly enjoyed by all. When we got back to base we had dinner and sat in front of the fire and chatted the night away.

Thursday 3rd July – Played some games in the morning as the weather was dismal and the bush walk had to be cancelled. The afternoon was spent in the pool and the stadium. Fiona Clancy came along and bought Steven Curry who was in ‘The Castle’ and he gave us all a talk about movie making. The party night was a laid back night and CD’s were played throughout the evening and lots of junk food was consumed.

 Friday 4th July – Pack up, group photo’s and head home.


The week was pretty much kick back and relax. Of an evening the boys got out of their chairs and sat on the couch. The fire was a big hit and so was the toasting of the marshmallows. The weather was nice even though it was cold. Somebody laid a cable in the pool on Tuesday afternoon and amazingly even though no one claimed it. Susan and Paul had to get rid of the evidence in a tag team effort. Oh what a sight to see.