CampMDA # 30

28th Spetember – 3rd October, 1997
Campaspe Downs


  1. Darran Browne                                    
  2. Heath Ryan                                          
  3. Leon Leontyev                                     
  4. Lochy Magnusson                                                      
  5. Chris Green                                         
  6. Aaron Fullerton                                    
  7. Shaun Mundy                                                  
  8. Steve Grub                    
  9. Chris Fryer                     
  10. Nick Fryer                                 
  11. Steve Lyon                    
  12. Andrew Kirkpatrick        
  13. Kieran Dix                                 
  14. David Middleton            
  15. Ben McKenzie               
  16. Daniel Moran                 
  17. Ryan Struk                     
  18. Garry Callejan               
  19. Geoff Brown                  
  20. Jarrod Harvey                
  21. Peter Catton                  
  22. Luke Lyons                    
  23. Christopher Muller                    
  24. Joel De Vink                  
  25. Ian Charles                    
  26. Ian Hamer
  27. Stewart Hayes
  28. Shane Beaty
  29. Greg Eldrige


Boris M Struk
Jodie Mc Clelland
John Verdiano
Lexi Peniguil
Marg Rice
Kelly Kennedy
Jenny Pope
Rani Hughes
Sascha Schubiger
Yvonne Grubb
Erin Finch
Kirsty Splatt
April Williams
Melanie Maher
Victoria Rehn
Paul Marsh
Ange Verberne
Brook Taylor
Chris Soeterboek
Nicole Tonn
Nathaniel Kiwi
Ros Brown
Vanessa Canning
Fioaqn Moffet
Katie Broadbent
Leah Shimitras
Kirsten Soeterboek
Susan Townsend
Gordan Perram
Shari Denovan
Fiona Clancy
Kaz Hughan
Fiona Paterson
Melanie Nasarczyk


Sunday 28th September – Those who came on the buses met us at the Essendon Airport car park. We had a convoy of Harley Davidson Motor Bikes following the buses and vans. Once at Campaspe Downs everybody was introduced to their prospective campers and carers and we had a BBQ lunch which was kindly donated and cooked by Melton Rotary. In the evening we had the usual introduction games.

Monday 29th September – The police dog squad were kind enough to pay us a visit in the morning. In the afternoon everybody did their own thing. Some played hockey, some swam and other soaked up the sun. In the evening we watched two movies.

Tuesday 30th September – In the morning Ange organised a scavenger hunt, which ran rather successfully. After that some people got into their canoes and others played some hockey. Detective Sergeant Adrian Paterson from the police Identikit came and showed us how identifications were done. This was most interesting. A trivia night was conducted in the evening.

Wednesday 1st October – Shari undertook her infamous cooking class, this time whipping up some scones. They were delicious. A visitor in the afternoon from the local police told us all about a few traffic laws. He flashed his lights and sounded his siren, which excited come campers and carers. Carmel and Charlie came in the evening and played some music for us. Everybody enjoyed this and got up and had a boogie.

Thursday 2nd October – Cliff McIvor and Kevin Fryer paid us a visit in the morning with their model aircraft. Whoever wanted to have a fly of the planes was more then welcome to. This took us up until the afternoon and then we had free time. The canoes were a great hit, as was the pool and the stadium for hockey. Whoever had chosen to do a skit to present in the evening, rehearsed in the afternoon. At night we watched some skits and bought out the party food. The older boys got stuck into a few drinks. The partying did not finish up until 3.30am. I believe a good time was had by all.

Friday 3rd October – By this stage of the camp everyone was ready to go home. The matchsticks were needed to keep eyes open. We had brunch, group photos and then packed up and went home.


The National Camp was a great success. There were a few complaints that it wasn’t at Pucka but by the end of it I know that everyone had a great time. I suppose that the great highlight of the week was on Thursday when Middleton’s carer Paul spilt his full bottle on him. This caused great havoc. Shaun Mundy was also a great asset to have on camp as he reminded us all that we were going home on Friday.