CampMDA # 32

14th – 17th April, 1998
Sunnystones Country Retreat Bacchus Marsh


  1. Ryan Struk                                                       
  2. Ben McKenzie                                     
  3. Andrew Kirkpatrick                                          
  4. BJ Andrews                   
  5. Garth Lamont                
  6. Jarrod Harvey                
  7. Leon Leontyev              
  8. David Middleton            
  9. Kieran Dix                                 
  10. Darren Browne              
  11. Chris Green                   
  12. Steve Lyon                    
  13. Aaron Fullerton      


Boris M Struk
Ange Verberne
Rebecca Allen
Susan Townsend
Kristen Flynn
Kaz Hughan
Larissa Nash
Chris Soeterboek
Rachael Mulqueeney
Nicole Johnson
Margaret Fisher
Natalie Hyman
Kirsten Soeterboek
Jenny Bartlet
Paul Butler
Melanie Nasarczyk


Jane Bourke
Fiona Paterson
Anita Lay (CSU)


Tuesday 14th April – Leave Moonee Ponds at 10.30am. The ride there was smooth until 20kms away from camp when the clutch in the MDA bus packed up. A two hour wait was in stall for those who were on the bus. This was an experience for those as they played games. Finally, all arrived at camp and settled in with introduction games. We watched “The Full Monty” on video then retired for the evening.

Wednesday 15th April – After a hearty breakfast and lunch the crew headed down to Geelong for a tour of the Ford Factory. This went for a couple of hours. Afternoon tea was held in the Ford Factory car park. The evening activity involved a trivia night, which turned out to be quiet competitive and fun.

Thursday 16th April – Breakfast was sensational then we headed off to have lunch in the city on Southbank. A walk around Southbank let lunch settle, and then we headed up to the Rialto to see the view. Back to the campsite where dinner was served, a video was watched and a few drinks were had.

Friday 17th April – Pack up. Camper/carer photos are back to Moonee Ponds by 2.30pm.


April camp started with a slight hitch with the MDA Bus breaking down. This proved to be fun for those who were stuck on the bus – Ange, Chris, Melanie, David, Ben, Kieran and Ryan. We spent the time playing an x-rated shopping game and talking.

The camp was small and intimate and there was a lot of intimate talk going on.

There was fun and laughter all round and a good time was had by all.