CampMDA # 33

6th – 10th July, 1998
Rutherford Park


  1. Steve Trajkovski                                              
  2. Andrew Kirkpatrick                               
  3. Leon Leontyev                                                
  4. Kieran Dix                                                        
  5. David Middleton                                                                     
  6. Ryan Struk                                                       
  7. Garth Lamont                                                             
  8. Aaron Fullerton              
  9. BJ Andrews                   
  10. Jack Foley                                
  11. Daniel Moran                 
  12. Chris Green                   
  13. Ian Charles                    
  14. Jarrod Harvey        


Paul Butler
Boris M Struk
Kirsten Flynn
Danyelle White
Belinda Dixon
Christine Nilsson
Bec Allen
Chris Soeterboek
Ros Wilson
Margaret Fisher
Kirsten Soeterboek
Emma McAuliffe
Kristy Harders
Kaz Hughan
Natalie Hyman
Larissa Nash
Melanie Nasarczyk
Ange Verberne


Fiona Paterson
Jane Bourke
Nikki Butcher
Brett Toy
John Davis
Claudia Walker


Monday 6th July – Leave Moonee Ponds at 10.30am. The drive to camp was smooth sailing and we had lunch upon arrival. Following this, an introduction game was conducted and the rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing. In the evening a game was held of Battle of the Sexes which the fellas won, but only just.

Tuesday 7th July – The younger guys went to Sovereign Hill for the day where the underground mine was visited and we also attended a pantomime show. The boiled lolly shop got raided by the wheelchairs and hence there were a lot of hyperactive minors about afterwards.  The older guys decided to hang about the camp site for the day and get ready for the nights event which was to celebrate Andrew’s 21st birthday at the pub.

Wednesday 8th July – In the morning an activity was held of making chocolate chip cookies and nut brownies. They were delicious. Ceramics were the go in the afternoon where everyone got right into it. Some beautiful pieces of work were made. After dinner a card magician came along and entertained the crowd. He was fantastic.

Thursday 9th July – All plans were cancelled as the snow began to fall in the morning. It kept snowing up until 1pm. A day of staying indoors was st hand. Some played playstation, others played cards, some sat in front of the fire and a video was watched in the afternoon. As always the party night was a big hit and didn’t finish until 3.30am.

Friday 10th July – After breakfast we all started to pack up, had photos taken and some lunch before everyone said their goodbyes. We were back at Moonee Ponds by 3.00pm.


The new campsite had a few hitches in the beginning but after a talking to they improved and we all turned into happy campers. The camp site was a whole worked well for all of us.

Watching the snow falling was a big hit. The card magician and his magic tricks were entertaining as was the last nights festivities with some of the fells having a few too many.