CampMDA # 34

20th – 25th September, 1998
Lady Northcote Rowsley


  1. Andrew Kirkpatrick                   
  2. Ryan Struk                                           
  3. Aaron Fullerton                                                
  4. Steven Trajkovski                                
  5. David Middleton            
  6. Nick Fryer                                 
  7. Chris Fryer                     
  8. Daniel Moran                 
  9. Kieran Dix                                 
  10. BJ Andrews                   
  11. Daniel MCGuiness        
  12. Jarrod Harvey                
  13. Locky Magnusson                    
  14. Clinton Woodman (SA) 
  15. Zac Bartlett                    
  16. Annette Sassano                      
  17. Ray Williams (TAS)
  18. Wayne Clarke (TAS)
  19. Ian Hamer
  20. Stewart  Hayes
  21. Issacc Norman (Zac’s friend)


Boris M Struk
Paul Butler
Ange Verberne
Kirsten Soeterboek
Melissa Williams
Rachel Mulqueeney
Jenny Mann
Fiona Jaeschke
Kristy Harders
Cassandra Oppenbrow
Wal Cribbes
Belinda Dixon
Kaz Hughan
Melinda Gallop
Margaret Bell
Yvonne Woodman
Deanna Sassano
Bec Allen
Melanie Nasarczyk
Danyelle White


Natalie Hyman
Kristen Flynn
Lyn Roach


Sunday 20th September – Upon arrival at camp MDA, we had a BBQ lunch with all the campers, carers and some parents. After lunch we got into the nitty gritty of introduction games. These were fun for a change as we played something different. After dinner we played a game called Mind Olympics which was another name for trivia. This was enjoyable and fun as it was a different format to the other trivia games and it was conducted by a Charles Sturt Student.

Monday 21st September – The morning activity consisted of ceramics, painting tiles which turned out great. After lunch some hockey was played and then an obstacle course was made for all camper and carers to complete. The carers were blind folded which made the activity a little more interesting. A mini Olympics game was played in the evening.

Tuesday 22nd September – In the morning Kirsten took as activity of frame making which seemed to attract some happy campers and then in the afternoon part two of the mini Olympics took place. We all watched a video in the evening and then made the younger guys go to bed whilst the older guys stayed up for a quiet few. Some like Wayne from TAS weren’t so quiet.

Wednesday 23rd September – Candles were made in the morning by most campers and some of them turned out fantastic. The afternoon activity consisted of a football trivia game which was fun and even better for those who knew the answers. A trivia night in the evening was held with all campers from our camp and other camps. It was most entertaining and many of the carers got a chance to make fools of themselves.

Thursday 24th September – Hockey and board games were the order for the morning. We had a visitor in the afternoon and he bought along some companions, namely some sexy snakes and lounge lizards. Chris Hay came to visit us from Australia Wildlife and he was fantastic. Come night time we had a duo band come in and some groovy music was played. This was very entertaining and we all got to have a sing along as well. The guys and carers had a boogie and Kieran had too much to drink. He ended up looking as white as a ghost and wanting to be sick.

Friday 25th September – The morning consisted of packing up and cleaning up. After a lunch of hot dogs, and camper/carer photos we headed home. We were back at Moonee Ponds at 3.00pm for an immediate pick up. Unfortunately this did not go to plan and Daniel was not picked up until 5.15, although Ange and Mel kindly waited with him.


The last night was fantastic with the band and the guys singing karaoke, especially Dan Moran and David Middleton singing into milk bottles as microphones.