CampMDA # 35

17th – 22nd January, 1998
Coonawarra Farm Resort


  1. Nick Munro                                           
  2. Leon Leontyev                                                
  3. Chris Fryer                     
  4. Nick Fryer                                 
  5. Ryan Struk                     
  6. Andrew Kirkpatrick        
  7. BJ Andrews                   
  8. David Middleton            
  9. Kieran Dix                                 
  10. Danial Moran                 
  11. Garry Callejan               
  12. Garth Lamont                
  13. Patrick Jackson             
  14. Zac Bartlett                    
  15. Brenton Powell              
  16. Ian Charles                    
  17. Annette Sassano                      
  18. Dominic DiBattista                    
  19. Robin Prem
  20. Ian Hamer
  21. Stewart Hayes


Boris M Struk
Melinda Gallop
Fiona James
Jenny Mann
Ange Verberne
Fiona Paterson
Natalie Hyman
Nicole Johnson
Kristen Flynn
Nik Andre
Ben Fisk
Toni Lancaster
Cara Perram
Christine Nilsson
Ron McKenzie
Nanna Hedberg
Kylie Wallace
Deanna Mihalic
Rocky DiBattista
Melanie Nasarczyk


Research Centre Scientists



Sunday 17th January  – We met at Moonee Ponds at 10.30am and we had to drive to Narre Warren to pick up some people at 12.00pm. From here we were all in for a long drive. After unpacking and unwinding from the long drive we had dinner. After dinner everyone participated in the introduction games. These were useful to all especially to our visitors for the evening – The research team.

Monday 18th January – The morning activity consisted of an obstacle course which was fun and after lunch the pool was popular as was the giant swing. We all played a game of trivia in the evening which Ange and Daniel Moran conducted.

Tuesday 19th January – The rain which poured did not stop us from going to Kinkunna Country in Lakes Entrance for the day. We got to see the lions and monkeys being fed and there were lots of other assorted animals that everyone got a chance to feed. Patrick Jackson especially enjoyed this day as he got to kiss the camel on the fury lips. This was lots of fun and the rain stopped just long enough to be able to enjoy the outdoors. In the evening the movie ‘Ransom’ was shown and everyone enjoyed it.

Wednesday 20th JanuaryIn the morning the younger fellas got into some painting wooden artifacts and they had lots of fun. The older guys decided to have a sleep in. The afternoon consisted of rest and relaxation. Some played hockey, some played board games and there was a large group who got involved with the canoes. Kylie and Christine tipped over in the lake. I don’t think they minded too much. Another movie was watched in the evening ‘Milk Money’. The older guys opted to have a few quiet drinks in their room while the movie was showing.

Thursday 21st January –In the morning some hockey was played and the tennis was watched. We had lunch and loaded up at 1pm to go to Bairnesdale to see a remote control plane exhibition. It was unbelievably windy but the exhibition was successful. In the evening we said our thank you’s and had a party.

Friday 22nd January –We said our goodbyes to each other and left Coonawarra Farm Resort at about 10.30am. After a brief stop at Traralgon for lunch we continued on our long haul home. We did a drop off at Narre Warren and were back to Moonee Ponds at 3.30pm.


The drivers that were stalling the vehicles up the hill entertained their passengers. I have never come across such a steep road.

The researchers who came to visit seemed to enjoy themselves and meeting the campers.

Patrick kissing the camel was a treat, but he did not stop their. He also kissed the bugs, spiders and the horse.