CampMDA # 36

6th – 9th April, 1999
Derby Hill, Maldon


  1. Daniel McGuiness                               
  2. Chris Green                              
  3. Dominic DiBattista                               
  4. Ryan Struk                     
  5. Andrew Kirkpatrick        
  6. Patrick Jackson             
  7. Kieran Dix                                 
  8. Daniel Moran                 
  9. BJ Andrews                   
  10. Matthew Healey            
  11. Robert Healey               
  12. Tyler Feistel          


Boris M Struk
Paul Butler
Chris Soeterboek
Ange Verberne
Moira DiBattista
Kylie Wallace
Kristen Flynn
Kaz Hughan
Bec Allen
Nikki Newsom
Sandra Feeney
Naomi Allen
Karen Feeney
Erin Watson
Melanie Nasarczyk


Natalie Hyman


Tuesday 6th April – Upon arrival to camp and having lunch we played the typical introduction games. After this we played some mind games which were quiet entertaining and funny. The funniest of all was seeing Robert Healey get out of his manual chair and sit in a normal seat. Nobody expected this to happen and it caused a few surprised faces. Bill, the camp manager, showed up the way in which he deals with the weather forecast each day. The evening consisted of quite a nice dinner and a movie called ‘Wayne’s World’ – Shwing!

 Wednesday 7th April – A brisk morning observation walk tool place the a visit to a gnome factory. The man at the gnome factory was slightly eccentric and continually said “No rubby, rubby”. We all found that rather funny. The bakery was the first stop after lunch and everyone scored a cinnamon donut, yummy. At the blacksmith shop we saw a horseshoe get made and all campers received a small horseshoe. They were really cute. Following was an Easter Egg Hunt, followed by an old man who was a story teller who came to tell us stories about Maldon.

 Thursday 8th April – First on the agenda after breakfast was a visit to the yabby farm. There wasn’t much water in the damn but some of us still managed to catch a couple which was great (we threw them back of course). Lunch was eaten here and then a visit to the Tarrangower Prison Farm. This place distressed everyone as nobody could believe the luxury that these women lived in. The place looked sensational. Once back at camp pipettes were filled into their boxes, not everyone was happy about this. The evening consisted of a party that got a few people drunk, namely Ryan, who turned green before he started to dry reach. The winding up for the evening was at 3.00am. I will tell you there were some sore heads to be had on Friday morning.

Friday 9th April – The usual last day of camp stuff involved packing up and heading home. Lunch consisted of a sausage sizzle, then a teary goodbye and we were back at Moonee Ponds for a prompt pick up and go home.


Seeing all the wheelchairs go up a very steep hill for the orientation walk was amusing to be, but I wasn’t the one who had to push the manual chairs.

The man at the gnome factory had obviously been hanging around the gnomes for quite a while as he has started looking like a gnome.

The luxury of the women’s prison has made us all want to have a camp there. The pool and tennis court looked sensational.