CampMDA # 37

6th – 9th July, 1999
Sunnystones, Bacchus Marsh


  1. Danie McGuiness                                            
  2. Jarrod Harvey                                      
  3. Leon Leontyev                          
  4. Garth Lamont                           
  5. Steven Waughan                     
  6. David Middleton            
  7. Ryan Struk                     
  8. Andrew Kirkpatrick        
  9. BJ Andrews                   
  10. Shaun Mundy                
  11. Zac Bartlett                    
  12. Patrick Jackson             
  13. Willie Hobbs                  
  14. Danial Moran                 
  15. Kieran Dix                                 
  16. Dominic DiBattista            


Boris M Struk
Paul Butler
Sandra Margetts
Kristen Soeterboek
Wal Cribbes
Fleur Messina
Cathy Vaughan
Helen Lee
Nancy Madaferri
Harley Stone
Michelle Brown
Julia Stern
Chris Soeterboek
Natalie Hyman
Cara Perram
Bec Allen
Rachael Ducat
Kristen Flynn
Natalie Nasarczyk
Ange Verberne


Jane Bourke
Sven Bohnstedt


Tuesday 6th July – After arriving at camp, having lunch and doing room allocations, the standard introduction games were held. These are getting boring but necessary for everyone to take to opportunity to get to know everyone. A game of Bocce was held which seemed entertaining enough and after dinner “The Saint” was watched on the big screen.

Wednesday 7th July – After breakfast, making biscuits was on the agenda followed by decoupage. Some people made some beauties in these activities. The afternoon was followed with ceramic painting and the older boys and their carers went to the pub to celebrate Ange’s and Andrew’s birthdays. The rest of us stayed behind and watched a video. After dinner we played bingo which seemed to be an exciting activity.

Thursday 8th July – A day of mini Olympics was held. It was a round robin of four games – Uno, Scrabble, Monopoly and Pictionary. The evening consisted of skits which were fantastic, followed by party time. It was a mild night, not too many drunkards about.

Friday 9th July – After a late wake up we had brunch, had a group photo and said out goodbyes. Arrival at Moonee Ponds was prompt, but I still had to wait for a couple of parents….will they ever learn???


The camp had a nice relaxing atmosphere. It was long enough for winter.

Even though we did not go anywhere off site, there was still enough to do to keep everybody entertained.

David Middleton got a name change by Daniel Moran – Stud Muffin

Kieran got sent home on Thursday afternoon as he wasn’t well. He actually got pneumonia and was put into hospital on Friday.